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All About Your Intergroup

Q. What is Intergroup?
A. The Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) Metro DC Intergroup operates in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to further the recovery of those who suffer from sexual compulsion. Intergroup provides outreach, education and support services to individuals seeking to recover from sexual compulsion. Intergroup also provides a forum in which local SCA groups can share their common interests with one another and links the local fellowship to the larger international fellowship (from the Intergroup Bylaws, Article I - Intergroup Purpose).

Q. Who participates in Intergroup?
A. SCA members, such as yourself, who volunteer their time and energy to carry out the above objectives. There are no sobriety requirements to participate in Intergroup. All SCA members are invited to join, no matter how much time you have in the program.

Q. What is the time commitment to participate in Intergroup?
A. Most Intergroup members contribute 1 - 3 hours a month...a small investment that pays big dividends...both for SCA as a whole and for the individual member who participates. Boundaries are respected. There are no expectations or minimum time commitment. Some members are active in Intergroup without coming to the monthly meetings. We keep in contact via phone and e-mail. We have our own website as part of our discussion list.

Q. When and Where are the meetings?
A. We meet the second Monday of the month from 8:30 to 9:30 PM using the Monday Night Group login information. Join the Monday Night meeting and stay for the Intergroup for a "double dose" of recovery...a truly sober evening that gets our week off to a great start!

Q. W.I.I.F.M. (What's In It For Me?)
A. By participating in Intergroup, you are using three of the SCA Tools That Help Us Get Better: Meetings, Service and Socializing...yes, the there is socializing before and after the meetings...and sometimes during! It's also a practical way to work Step 12 and Tradition 5 (carrying the message). Plus it's fun and enjoyable...and don't we all want to be Happy, Joyous and Free?!

Q. What are some of the areas I could get involved in?
A. Our standing committees include 12th Step, Communications, Events, Social, and Literature. The 12th Step Committee reaches out to the sexual compulsive who still suffers: through announcements, special mailings and speaking engagements. The Communications Committee responds to calls on our local SCA hotline. The Events Committee coordinates our annual spring conference and fall retreat. The Social Committee plans fun activities like game nights, bowling, hikes, etc.. The Literature Committee makes sure that SCA literature and sobriety chips are readily available to all meetings. We also have ad-hoc committees. Intergroup is in regular contact with I.S.O.

Q. What is I.S.O.?
A. While Intergroup links meetings at the local level, SCA's I.S.O. (International Service Organization) links all meetings and Intergroups worldwide. Every year, we send a Representative to I.S.O.'s annual conference. The I.S.O. maintains a website,, which provides information about the SCA program, meetings, ordering literature, and other resources.

Q. How can I get more information?
A. Talk with the Intergroup Rep from your meeting or contact DC SCA at (202) 599-7992.

We hope to hear from you soon and see you at our next Intergroup meeting and/or Intergroup activity!

Donations to DC SCA Intergroup

Donations to intergroup can be sent to the address below. Groups are encouraged to donate their surplus funds (beyond rent, prudent reserve, and other expenses) to intergroup. Please indicate the name of the group making the donation and the month(s) for which the donation is being made. Please send checks (payable to SCA Intergroup) to the following address or use the "Donate" button below:

Attn Treasurer
DC SCA Intergroup
C/O Triangle Club
1638 R Street, NW, Room 120
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